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One of the major challenges that nations across the world, especially Third World countries, are battling is youth unemployment. While it has been established across several quarters that it is majorly due to the unavailability of sufficient jobs, there are also insinuations that there are few individuals who are able to fill the available roles.

At The Career Savvy, our goal is to teach individuals how to position themselves in a bid to get the jobs of dreams, master the job and own the job. That is why our motto is “Get. Master it. Own it.” We also understand the need to have other sources of income to supplement your 8-5, that is why we have posts to inform you of side hustles you can engage in, and the step-by-step process to start and succeed.

Our services include CV and Cover letter writing,  Mock interviews and LinkedIn optimization. These are services tailored to hold your hands and ensure that you don’t miss the next job opportunity.

Our Facebook page is dedicated to informing you of the latest jobs, among other things.

Our team of expert employment lawyers are on ground to review your offer letter and also advice or represent you in case of any dispute between you and your organization.

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